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Knowing which crypto to buy, when to buy or sell, which platforms to use and which digital assets have the best returns is an arduous process

Through our in-depth research and deep knowledge in the markets, we help our clients take advantage of opportunities in the digital assets and crypto space to grow their investments.
About Blockchain

Why Blockchain?

Africa's growing young population have a chance to live freely and thrive in a future without financial uncertainty if they embrace technology and leverage it to build small democracies and economic systems that are superior to the status quo.

Never before has this possibility been more rife than now when internet connectivity and mobile devices penetration at its peak across the African continent. The internet and smartphones created a platform where exchange of information has become seamless especially through social media channels. These have disrupted and enhanced in almost equal measure many industries from mainstream media, postal services, banking among others.

Now that we are all interconnected and can share information at the touch of a button- What is the next frontier? If Moore's Law about how technology evolves remains valid then the question begs- What is the next disruption?


Enter Blockchain Technology!

Whereas the internet powered the exchange of information- Blockchain is poised to power the exchange of value. Markedly blockchain applications in Cryptocurrencies & Digital assets have the power to eliminate intermediaries, boost security, enhance privacy and traceability of transactions.

This can enable African youth and small business store and exchange value beyond the current financial barriers. Capturing this spirit the YENTs provides an opportunity for the store of value and investment in different opportunities in the digital assets space.

Young Entrepreneurs Network Tokens

How the YENTS Platform Works

YEN Africa has created a Pan-African stable token pegged 1:1 to the value of the Kenya Shilling or the equivalent of a dollar.

We built a platform for Crypto Trading

The YENTS Platform uses the YENTS Tokens as the main medium to acquire all other Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets such as NFTs.
Once you sign up on the platform, you can use M-Pesa to buy as much YENTS Tokens as you wish, and then use these tokens to Buy BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin or any other CryptoCurrency. We help manage your portfolio and give recommendations on which opportunities to take advantage of.
To sell off your Cryptoassets or redeem your profits, you simply exchange the said assets for the YENTS Token, and redeem them via M-Pesa or Bank.
YENTs Uses
The YENTS Platfroms acts as your gateway to digital assets and cryptocurrencies, making it easy for you to buy, own and sell cryptocurrencies and digital assets using your phone number as your identity.
Understanding Crypto

Blockchain Masterclass

We hold a monthly Blockchain Masterclass in Collaboration with our Partners

Join us for our Inagural Masterclass
4th Floor Delta Corner Annex
Westlands, Nairobi
28th March 2022

We will be unpacking the opportunities in Blockchain and Web3 as we formally launch the YENTs Token.

Your Favorite Podcast

Cryptonite Podcast

The Cryptonite Podcast is hosted by Kamau Nyabwengi, a savant in the CryptoSphere.
He invites other Blockchain Enthusiats and experts to discuss all matters Crypto.
Keep checking to find the next date for the Podcast.

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